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Get Doublinks (Free 5GB Data Included)

Doublinks is the APP we developed for Android phone users.  When both Wifi and mobile signals are available, user can activate this APP to let both links augment each other for higher link reliability.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Doublinks CAN IMPROVE your current wireless signal deficiencies through multiple links.  But it is not designed to lock on one bad signal and fix it with 2nd link.  Doublinks checks link conditions in real time, and BALANCE TWO SIGNALS In REAL-TIME.  Doublinks can not address the situation where both original wireless signals are bad, or not present at all.  Thus, we encourage you to try and compare your use scenarios, and use Doublinks as an additional way to enhance your link reliability during critical applications.

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Doublinks is the APP we developed for Android mobile phone users.  User can activate this APP when multiple wireless links are available (e.g., 4G, and Wifi).  Then Doublinks APP can synergize the two links and enhance total communication reliability.  Try our APP and give us feedback, then we can credit your account with more free data through our server.

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