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Combine Wireless Networks Seamlessly

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Technology By JCDrawn

We develop technologies that enable combination of multiple wireless communications links (Wifi, Mobile, Satellite, etc.) to form a combined high-reliability, low-latency communications link for high-bandwidth applications.

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DoubLinks – Combines WiFi and Mobile data in real-time to improve your Live Streaming connectivity, also improve online experience for video calling, online gaming and remote learning/teaching.

Combine Wifi and Mobile For Online Teaching and Video Conferencing

This short video demonstrate how to use Doublinks (Download free at Google Play) to achieve needed reliability at important conference call or online teaching session.

A few weeks ago, I was attending an online court mediation session, and home Wifi router failed on me (Wifi strong, internet connection somehow got stuck and needed reboot). Luckily it was near lunchtime and judge called recess, else the negative impact could be severe…

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